Shibuya Hikarie Urbancore


  • Digital Signage



Worked as

  • Art direction
  • Design

Hikarie is a business and commercial complex located in front of Shibuya sta.

This signage consists of 3 rings installed at the entrance, called “Urbancore”.

This place is also the main passage connecting Shibuya sta. and the Aoyama district and 

around 70,000 people pass through everyday. 

We started the project with the strong concept of creating a space where people can view various information and find something new.
We planned contents based on the concept, not only information of Hikarie, but also clock, weather report, news and so on.
And we made use of the contents to harmonize with the circular shape.
As all contents are commonly generated by data visualization in real time and changed dynamically. Therefore, it means that the same screen will never be displayed.

Time Graph

A clock that shows one lap as 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds.

global scape

The three rings are divided into layers, "Shibuya, the world, and the universe.” 

Various information such as news, local time, and star position are mapped in the actual direction.

Shibuya feeRing

This is a weather report of Shibuya and the hourly weather is being displayed graphically.

The height of the weather icons indicate temperature, and its swinging range shows the strength of the wind.


This is a time report displayed every hour.

Grains of light go around the ring and pop at the fixed position. Then, sounds flow.